Bring back Trump



Former US President Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the Canyon Moon Ranch festival grounds in Florence, Arizona, southeast of Phoenix, on Jan. 15, 2022. (Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images/TNS)

Harris Ntembe, Editor : Pearly Fonji






I personally believe that Trump should be return
There are multiple reasons why Mr. Orange is superior to sleepy Joe.  Among those reasons these are my favorite.
1. Donald Trump was far more entertaining
The orange guy was more exciting to watch. He could make you laugh. The controversy, scandals, to the funny nicknames. 
He made politics interesting. Without him it’s boring, so people don’t watch the news anymore.
2. Freedom
Joe Biden is not competent. He does care about what the people want. He forced everybody to take the vaccines. Forced everyone to continue wearing masks. This is all, because he is old. wants to take “your” rights away. To make things worse, he raised the gas prices, but forced people to stop working from home. It makes no sense. Soon his administration will start taking your rights away.
3. Good deeds 
Donald Trump pardoned, and freed rap superstar Kodak Black. This needs no explanation.What has Biden done? Canceled student loans
4. Biden is a fraud. Most likely
A poll was conducted and it revealed that More than 40% in the US do not believe Biden legitimately won the election. There have also been countless rumors and theories that the election was rigged.                                                    In conclusion you should not try to have Biden reelected. Vote for Kanye West in 2024.                                                                                                                Disclaimer: I am not a Trump supporter.