Dr. Ojunta’s Environmental Science Students Begin Their Spring Gardening


Dakota Meekins

Dakota Meekins, Editor : Pearly Fonji

Dakota Meekins

Tuesday March 22, 2022, Dr.Ojunta’s Environmental science classes weeded the ground area near the childhood development center to begin their spring gardening. 

In previous school years, it was a challenge to keep the plants alive and healthy so, Dr.Ojunta sent soil samples collected by students to the University of Delaware who informed us that the reason for the unsuccessful garden was the pH of the soil which was 7 and the excess magnesium level of 160 and calcium level of 126.  

The test concluded that because of the soil quality and shade in the area, the best seeds to sow would be those of flowering shrubs and various native plants. Students will also be adding compost to the soil to improve fertility and hopefully have a successful gardening season. 

Through gardening students will be able to learn about the impact of soil quality/erosion and the importance of knowing how to grow their own food. 

Students will have to maintain the garden by monitor the growth and health of their individual plants and researching the best methods of applying compost potting soil and mulch.

Students will have to research various methods of applying compost, potting soil, and mulch to maintain the health of their plant and monitor its growth before they leave for summer vacation.

As the gardening begins, we ask that students LOOK but DON’T TOUCH, to ensure the plants remain intact.