Celebrating the Assistant Principals here at Flowers High School


Jennifer Tamayo⭐/Camilla Pea, Writer

Let’s Celebrate Our Jaguar Assistant Principals Here at Flowers High School
April 4-8 is National Assistant Principals Week where all schools Acknowledge the Hard Work of Principals
We are asking staff and students to make a 60 seconds or less video “Shouting Out” their Great Works at Flowers
Create a Poster to Express Your Shout Out as well.
Both will be presented to all of our Principals 
Students that participate in this effort 
will earn 1 Service Hour for their effort.
Please email Ms. Pea your entry: Video or Electronic or Picture of Hand Drawn Poster
Room: 1019
 Flowers High School Assistant Principals
Mr. Miller, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Burrows, Mrs. Screws, Mrs. Silva
All Entries are Due: Wednesday, April 30th by the end of the day
Please Add or Say your Name and Grade on your Video or Poster
You can use the chart below to Guide Your Comments About the Assistant Principals