Tips on How to Stop Procrastinating


Nataliyah Robinson, Editor: Stacey Alexis

What is procrastination? To procrastinate it means to, “delay or postpone action; put off doing something”. Most of us struggle with procrastination. Whether it’s with school, chores, starting your goals, and even simple things. Now that we know what procrastination is, the real question is why do we procrastinate? Why procrastinate on goals that we’ve made? If you set a goal isn’t that something that you want to do? Why not get to it? I procrastinate myself. Here’s some things that help me not procrastinate that could possibly help you!

– Write your goals down as a reminder. Knowing what I want in life helps motivates me to keep going.

– Acknowledge that I’m wasting time. If I don’t get it done now, I still ending up having to do it later.

– Remove distractions, such as turning my phone off to get school work done, or tuning people out by listening to music.

– Recognize the achievement. If you work hard on that school work, you’ll get a good grade. Starting your goals, means you’ll succeed one day.

Stop procrastinating on that project, stop procrastinating on that business, I promise you won’t regret it!