Makenzie Roy, Contributor

Yesterday, I posted an article talking about the killing of a lyft driver in Landover, Maryland this past week. 5 minutes after I posted the article, the article was permanently deleted and I received an email. The email basically tells me to stop posting about killing and arresting, killing and arresting doesn’t match the vibe of CHFHSNEWS, I can’t post articles, and when I want to talk about killing and arresting it has to relate to BLM.

When I received this email, I was flabbergasted, shocked, speechless, etc. I felt this way because who is the person and why is the person thinking they can tell me not what my teacher is telling me to do???

Anyway, I only write about the “killings” and “arrestings” that are happening in OUR community, notice the fact that the news stories I do are based in the DMV area.  So why does it matter if I’m “seeking the truth and reporting it”?

Also, when the anonymous person said my article doesn’t match the vibe of chfhsnews, what is the “vibe” of CHFHSnews? CHFHSnews is a platform to discuss and tell stories about the good and bad truths about our community; it also tells peoples opinions, poems, and self-made stories. Right???

Lastly, if Professor Whitworth posts assignments telling the students to post stories and “Seek the Truth and Report it” who are you to tell me I can not post?



Please comment your opinion on this situation and ask your self “Are we really allowed to Seek the Truth and Report it”?