Im here for you guys..


Tamya Anderson, Denay Thompson/ editor


Hey everyone,

To be completely honest school has been dragging my energy down a lot lately. I’ve been receiving so much work, projects, and assessments in the past 2 weeks. Lately, I’ve had a lot of my friends come up to me to vent out their stress and tell me what assignments were stressing them out most, and ask me to make sure I kept them on track. Honestly, I see myself as like the mom in most of my friend groups. I’m extremely caring and super supportive. It’s not just my friends, I’ve been stressing on my end too. Lately, I started becoming lazy on my assignments and losing interest in some things I’d usually enjoy doing like drawing and painting. I made this article to ask everyone to vent or put something that’s bothering you today in the comments. You might find someone who is going through the same thing as you if you do simply take a tiny minute to reply.