Will The World Ever Be Normal Again?

Will we have to cope with the new normal?

Will The World Ever Be Normal Again?

Oluwafunmilola Aderoju and Dusaun Shedden//Dakota Meekins//Editor

Will we ever stop wearing masks?  

When will we be able to leave the house freely without being scared to catch covid-19?  

Is this our new normal? It is scary that our new normal may be always wearing masks or getting hospitalized, also fearing death.  

In the next 6 years, will covid-19 be gone, or will it still be here?  

So many questions to be asked but we may never find the right answer or be prepared to face reality. Will there be another virus? Will there be another pandemic? will there ever be a cure for Covid-19?  

Just thoughts and assumptions but never really an answer. We must wait to find out the next normal.