What Is Normalcy?

Showayane Wallace, Editor: Stacey Alexis

Whether it has to do with losing friends and family or a lack of work ethic, one can’t argue with the fact that COVID has changed things for a lot of people. However, even through these changes, the world remains relatively the same.

No one wants their life to be stuck in a stand still, but staying home for two years then being expected to reintegrate into society and live like we once did, sounds unrealistic. However with this push towards normalcy, it seems to be what everyone is asking for.

COVID-19 has experienced several changes since the beginning. It has mutated and the virus might not be as deadly as it once was, but after so much, does that really matter?

This virus affected everyone, and overtime this has become more apparent. Whether it be a lack of motivation, genuine boredom, procrastination, poor work ethic, terrible memory, or the reality for many, not caring about scores anymore, it begs the question:

What is the normalcy we’re trying to get back to and who might get left behind in the process of achieving it?