The Flash

Chinemerem Opaigbeogu, Staff Reporter

This week’s Flash episode was a very interesting one. The team at STAR Labs were able to get Martin Stein back on his feet after once again passing out. They realized that he wouldn’t survive for long with a host that his molecules could bond to. Throught their search they find 2 candidates, Henry Hewitt and Jefferson Jackson. Henry is a scientist and Jefferson is a high school football player. They were both affected by the particle accelerator and Barry and Caitlin went to convince both of them. Henry eagerly cooperates but unfortunately wasn’t a match which he got very upset about. Jefferson refused at first but then reluctantly did after he was attacked by Henry. They successfully merge and are able to help The Flash stop Henry from going on a rampage. After that we see a brief appearance from King Shark and another appearance from Dr. Harrison Wells.