Overcoming the “Slump”: Advocating for Yourself

Progression Is Possible!


Norgenia Ahoussou, Writer | Copy Editor: Deontae Roach

The end of 3rd quarter is around the corner–some days away, to be exact, and many students have reached their limit with the amount of classwork, assessments and projects being assigned with such a small period of time allowed for completion.

Students Are Experiencing Burnout AKA the “Slump”

Are you falling behind in a certain class? Has the amount of work you’ve seen completely drained you of energy? Or…are you just experiencing burnout? Chances are, you’re not alone. Many students at Flowers are experiencing “the slump.” To put it simply, grades are falling below their expectations or ideal “A” and most students are fed up with the amount of work getting assigned to them with such little understanding of what’s being taught, or some other external reason. It’s leading to a lot of burnout and frustration, and spring break can’t come fast enough. Nevertheless, it’s extremely important that we–as students–take it upon ourselves to do whatever we can to bring our grades up before the grading period begins.

Are Teachers Partially at Fault?

It’s not uncommon for students to need some extra time or leniency with submitting assignments and studying the material for tests. Many of us have responsibilities outside of school, such as sports or work, other classes that may require more attention than others, and many other situations in our personal lives. On the other hand, some of us might have teachers that rarely show up, don’t teach the material as efficiently as they could, or simply don’t care enough to offer a chance at redemption as a show of good faith when students are struggling. When these tough times hit, it’s important to stay true to yourself and your goals.


Do you want that passing grade? A “C” or higher? Whether it be an email or text message, a parent meeting or zoom call, or even getting an administrator involved in the process, it’s important to advocate for yourself. When you want something bad enough, you’ll want to go after it by any means necessary, even if it requires contacting your teachers, who might try to make you feel inferior for your efforts to improve your grade. Yes, teachers are often busy trying to do their jobs and get paid. However, it is not a crime to care about your performance in a class. If you see a grade that you do not like in Schoolmax, do your best to change it. Contact your teacher, or get an administrator involved if the former doesn’t work. If this is truly a “Mecca of Excellence,” then rise to the occasion, live up to that title and its expectations of you. Never feel bad about making an extra effort, because it shows that you still care about your education. Caring about your education is your responsibility as a scholar, so make sure you advocate for yourself when necessary!