Zero Peters and Mary Hamiltondandy//editor

Don’t you feel like a liar? 

Don’t you ever feel guilty? 

You are so treacherous, 

It is sickening. 

So treacherous, 

That I feel guilty for you. 

Deceiving everyone in your path. 

Have you learned nothing 

After ruining our relationship? 


Your treachery is never 

Going to be forgiven. 

I know your tricks,  

I see through your lies, 

I know more than you think. 

I don’t trust you, 

I never will. 

Not again. 



Everyone may believe your facade to be the true you, 

Everyone may be deceived by you, 

Everyone may be fooled, 

Everyone may trust you, 

Everyone may worship you as a great person, 

But not me. 

I know you 

While I wish I did not. 

You’re treacherous,  

It’s sickening.