The Cutest Bookbag


Deshari Johnsoj

Deshari Johnson, Editor: Stacey Alexis

April 4th, 2022 kicks off the start of Spring Spirit Week hosted by the SGA with “Bring anything but a bookbag” day. The objective of this day is for students to get creative on how to bring their school supplies around the school. Some students brought suitcases, chandeliers, bird cages, and many more bizarre things. The “bookbag” that really took the cake for me was Darlene Lopez’s 4 years old sister, Amy. In first period, Foundations of College Algebra, the classroom and teacher was stunned as Lopez explains that the little girl will be her bookbag for the day, carrying around her things from class to class. While big sister Darlene got to work on her math problems, Amy enjoyed some youtube next to the teacher. What an out of the box thinker!