It is really okay? No it’s not.

Raegan Travers, Denay Thompson/editor

To get straight to the point, I think that “black-parenting” is one of the biggest problems that generations continually have to face. I’ll honestly extend it to predominantly POC type parenting however, I’m going to talk about the stereotypical “black parenting” because I’m black. “Black-parenting” is the product of generational trauma and unfortunately is still in rotation to this day. I have come to terms with the fact that I literally never be happy until I move out. My entire childhood was ripped away from me. Two happy memories do not equate to a decent or happy childhood. My mental health has been falling apart for far too long. People who don’t want kids should not have them. People who cannot properly take care of kids should not have them. People who do not know how to parent and don’t have the slightest idea of how to do so outside of resorting to physically abusing them do not deserve to have children. People who have never been to therapy should not have kids. Black parenting is not parenting it’s fear conditioning and abuse. How on earth does it make sense to you to beat your children because they made a mistake. Not only a mistake but a childlike mistake that a child made. It’s almost like there is literally no logical thought process behind “black parenting”. At least not if you want children who are mentally stable. Black parenting is impulsive and thrives on quick discipline. It’s a pattern of severely overreacting to the smallest mistakes and then attempting to justify it because we’re children or because they’re parents, adults, or whatever jargon they want to use to let us know how inferior we are to them. Children are intelligent and do actually understand words and reasoning. Black parenting is the best way to completely ruin your children and remove any emotional connection that you thought you had with them. I think that black parenting is so infuriating, it specializes in discipline, manipulation, superiority complexes, and exploitation. That’s all without being backed up by the bible itself. Christain black parenting is its own separate brand. Being thrown into a religion from birth and then being constantly manipulated and abused by it is a special type of experience.