When The Stars Don’t Align

Amiyah Darden


They say the stars align

But our eyes don’t meet

You don’t sneak glances

But I hope you see

Look at the twinkle in my eyes

You see my stars dont always align

Planets break through them

My stars don’t shine bright

But my sun shines for you

It provides you with the life you know

Giving you the plants you eat

Delivering color to your cold pale skin

Keep your air from freezing in your throat

See I give you life

but you fail to notice me

Little do you know I’m the one missing puzzle piece

From the puzzle you’ve yet to solve

I’m the mystery person you love in your dreams

but can never seem to put your finger on

I’m the speck of something flowing down the stream

but your never fast enough to catch me

You see the wings I’ve grow are small, but strong

Yet you only care about big, bold and flashy

Every time I look down this hallway of faith I have

You’re nowhere to be seen

Now when I look down that hallway

Of things that I’ve lost

Your standing there

Everyone else seeming to be dull

Not as bright, not as tall

Your too sucked into yourself to notice the damage you do

You feel as if everyone has to chase you

So I’m done running marathons with you

You’ll call for me to wait up and I won’t look back

I’ll move along farther than you ever could

And show you just how it feels

To chase after someone