You Are Not A Failure

I have not failed. I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that won’t work. – Thomas Edison


Stacey Alexis, Editor : Pearly Fonji

Somedays, life feels like a constant fight to see who will be victorious. Sometimes, life wins; sometimes, you win. Some people seems to be amazing at fighting; it is as if they trained for 5,000 years even though they are the same age as you. Some people have been fighting Life and haven’t won yet. However, what makes them different from the person who always wins is that they never give up. They never stopped fighting; they never let Life beat them; they always try again. Some might say they are a failure, but they haven’t failed.
A failure doesn’t get up after being knocked down. A failure refuses to try and solve the problem or at least work around it. That person who keeps coming back after losing so many times is not a failure; they are the most powerful person in this room.
One day, their hard work will come to the Fight against Life and knock out Life’s friends, Obstacles. One day, the people who supported them will come to the Fight and take down the non-believers Life brought. One day, their sheer willpower will arrive at the Fight and beat up Life’s pal Weakness. One day, an opportunity beyond their wildest dreams will arrive at the Fight and destroy all the negativity life brought. One day, you will win the Fight. You are not a failure.