Floating Freedom

“Become free like a star and dance with the moon.”


Zero Peters, Writer | Copy Editor: Deontae Roach


No gravity.

No worries.




The feeling of floating,

Not a care in the world

For anything but yourself.

Just you,

The stars,

The moon

And the air.


Clear head,

Weightless steps.

Dancing with the stars,

Talking with the moon. 

No one but you. 

Forgetting about all the things

That worries you,

Upsets you,

Bothers you.


Laying upon the light filled darkness.

Watching all the darkness of your mind

Become a supernova. 

Exploding into a beautiful mess.

Your mind then becomes brighter.

Causing all weight to disappear.

Like you are in space.


Just you and the stars,

Just you and the moons,

Just you and yourself. 

This feeling of floating,

The feeling of freedom,

May this feeling never come to an end.