New Breaches Revealed in Report that says Secret Service is ‘In Crisis’

Camron White, Staff Reporter

A man masquerading as a member of Congress walked into a secure backstage area without being properly screened and spoke with President Obama at an awards dinner last fall.
Five days later, a woman walked backstage unchecked at a gala dinner where Obama was a featured guest.
Months after that, two people strolled unnoticed past a Secret Service checkpoint into the first layer of the White House grounds.
The incidents were among a half-dozen previously undisclosed security breaches since 2013 that were detailed in an extensive, bipartisan congressional investigation of the inner workings of the Secret Service.
In a critical report to be released publicly Thursday, House investigators describe the once-elite force as an “agency in crisis” that has failed to fix many of the deeply ingrained problems exposed last year amid a string of humiliating security lapses, according to a copy of the report obtained by The Washington Post.
The report offers detailed assessments of the failings of the Secret Service during multiple well-publicized security incidents, including the agency’s halting response to a 2011 shooting at the White House and an altercation last year in which an armed man with an arrest record was able to board an elevator with Obama.