Senior Obligation Checkout

Nia Tabe, LaTrina Yarbrough


Please please if you have not made an attempt to come to the auditorium lobby for senior obligation check out please do so today from 9-1 pm.
So many of you have been emailing me about this and Mr. Richmond and I have been in the auditorium lobby all week doing checkouts. You do not need to email us for personal appointments, just come down to the auditorium lobby.
In addition, whether you think you don’t have an obligation you will still need to check out. If you do not check out and we find that you owe an obligation your cap and gown will be pulled during graduation rehearsal.
Note: If you are turning in your Chromebook you must have the charger with it. A lost charger is $25, a damaged Chromebook is $30 and a missing Chromebook is $200.
See you in the auditorium lobby today from 9 am-1 pm.
Thank you!

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