Buffalo´s Recent Tragedy

Mass Shooting


Nataliyah Robinson, Writer | Copy Editor: Deontae Roach

On saturday, May 14th a young white adult was live on Twitch and proceeded to go into a supermarket and started firing shots at innocent people. As a result,  ten people were killed and injured three. eleven out of thirteen were black people who were shot. This tragedy was clearly racially motivated.

I find it funny how he was arrested and unharmed. If a person of color was to go on a rampage and shoot innocent, would he have been handled differently? Not to mention, he also had the audacity to plead not guilty. The majority of the people that were shot, were elderly. That makes it so much more sad than the situation already is. This was such an evil act, and he deserves life in prison. Rest in peace to all of the innocent lives that were lost. This was a very unfortunate event. Prayers to all of the victims friends and family, and Buffalo during this time.