About The Lunch Room…

There Must Be Change


Jennifer Tamayo ⭐

This was an D lunch I remember. There are few empty chairs, but people were in a long line behind me waiting to get lunch.

Jennifer Tamayo⭐, Reporter | Copy Editor: Deontae Roach

Okay let’s start off saying that the gym is no longer open for students to go in after they finished lunch. Why are they doing this? I don’t know, but I had read an article saying that it was because of “due to a lots of fighting” going on in the gym. Okay that’s cool for preventing fights but what is NOT COOL is that all of us have to find a seat where to sit when its really crowded. Lord, I couldn’t find any seats. I really had to sit on a edge of a seat, just to eat. D lunch doesn’t really get crowded but today… I had A lunch and it was not it. I couldn’t eat in peace. And you know what I don’t like the most? Is when people are in front of me looking at me while eating. Yeah, that bothers me the most. Another thing is…getting in line. We have to continuously wait. Like I would’ve been on the floor by that time because like I haven’t eaten all morning and I never eat in the mornings. Even though we have two lines, the lines are still slow and long. Sometimes there are people who don’t even eat lunch, and they use lunch tables. When the gym was open, they allowed the students who don’t eat lunch sit in the bleachers to wait until everyone was dismissed. There was a lot more space during this time.

What do you think of this? What should we change? What happened to the “6 Feet distance” Covid-19 rule? What is the purpose of the “X’s” on the seats if we all are crowded? How will our parents react to this while Covid-19 is still a thing?