Dear Little Old Me

What would you tell your past self?

Dear Little Old Me

Stacey Alexis and Editor: Virginia Bates

Dear little old me, 

I hope you remember to sleep

Don’t stay up all night,

Lots of things can wait till morning light.

Stop staying up in the dead of night.


Dear little old me, 

Go sit out in the breeze.

Nature is a calming place,

Don’t stick around in that stressful space,

Put a little smile on your face.


Dear little old me, 

Talk to your friends so you’ll see,

They laughed with you every day,

They only want to know that you’re okay,

You’ll see them all one day.


Dear little old me, 

Keep what’s left of your glee.

Life may knock you down,

But get up and look around,

You weren’t the only one on the ground.


Dear little old me, 

I know it takes you forever to read.

But art and writing are your passion,

Just saying you might want to take action.

Can’t wait to see your reaction.


Dear little old me, 

This letter is for your heart.

Keep on going, don’t restart

Keep on laughing, Your smile will get newer.

Sincerely, You From the Future.