The Flash


Chinemerem Opaigbeogu, Staff Reporter

Before the particle accelerator explosion, Joey Monteleone was thrown into a tar pit. Right after he was thrown in the particle accelerator exploded. Thought dead, he returns 2 years later with the ability to turn into molten lava. He goes after the 2 people that dropped him into the tar and wanted to get revenge on them. He manages to find one of the members and kills him. Meanwhile, in order to help Zoom and save his daughter, Wells creates a device to steal Barry’s speed. The team gets an alert about Joe going after the other crew member and Barry goes to stop him. While he is running, Wells activates the device and steals a portion of Barry’s speed. While going after Joey a second time, Iris is injured after Barry is too slow to save her. With Barry putting the blame on himself, Wells confesses. He then proposes to have him returned to Earth-2 and to close all the breaches so that Zoom can never return again. They decide that they’re not going to leave Wells alone and they decide to go to Earth-2 to help Wells.