Inviting Applications for Autonomous Mini -RACECAR (Robotics) course with MIT Curriculum

Frederick Groves, Editor: Nia Tabe

Greetings CHFHS Juniors


Learn with Leaders is inviting applications for The Autonomous Mini-RACECAR(Robotics) Program – designed as an introductory course in robotics for students with some programming experience. In this course, students will be working with a virtual RACECAR in a custom-built simulation (designed by MIT Beaver Works Summer Institute).

The program is spread over 6 Saturdays (Labs). Each Lab consists of a lecture, an exploration component, and a series of hands-on challenges. These labs grow in complexity, beginning with basic tasks such as driving in shapes and building to important concepts in robotics including SLAM, sensor fusion, and path planning.

At the end of this course, students will apply everything they have learned to complete the final grand challenge which combines elements from each lab.

Program Faculty

– Dr. Masoumeh Mansouri is a lecturer of the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham
– Fatma Faruq is a Research Assistant in the Verification and Autonomy Group at the University of Manchester.

Curriculum Partner

– MIT Beaver Works Summer Institute is a rigorous, world-class STEM program for rising high school seniors. The goal of MIT Beaver Works Summer Institute is to improve engineering education worldwide by providing unparalleled technical content and support.

Further Opportunities

– Participants get to work on physical Race Cars in Level 2 of the program (to be launched at a later date)
– Top two teams of the Level 2 program can participate in the 2022 MIT BWSI Racecar Challenge in the MIT Campus. (Will depend on the pandemic situation / lock-downs at that point of time)
Only a small cohort of high school students from across the world will be selected for the program. 

Program start date: 25th June 2022

Program Duration: 6 Weeks (Every Saturday)

Application Deadline: 18th June 2022


  • Grades 8th-12th 
  • Must be familiar with the basics of Python

Students do not need to have any prior experience with robotics

Program Fee: USD 400

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Please feel free to reach out to us for any clarifications or http://schedule a call with us.



Hanna Richards 

Learn with Leaders