Flowers’ ALC and SGA add Powderpuff to the Homecoming Lineup

Omorose Emwanta

Although Flowers lineup of homecoming events has remained relatively unchanged, SGA added a new event to the roster: powderpuff! ALC- Athletic Leadership Council- and SGA joined forces to add a brief powderpuff game to Friday’s pep rally. For many, this was their first time hearing the term. So what does it mean?

Powderpuff is a broad term for sporting events where gender roles are reversed. Most games involve guys cheering on the sidelines while girls play flag football. The name is derived from “powder puff”, a type of makeup. The tradition started as a response to the absence of men in college due to World War 2. Homecoming centers around football, and the draft left most colleges without any athletes. To compensate, women staged their own games, and the tradition was so popular that it continued well after the war.

The reception of this event has been overwhelmingly positive. Let’s hope Flowers makes powderpuff games an annual tradition!