Is Homecoming as Hype as You Think?

Homecoming to me is something that doesn’t pique my interest all too much. In my opinion, homecoming is just a fancy word for a school dance that is just in high school so it’ll be more “hype” but I don’t think it’s all that hype. So, because I see homecoming as just another school dance it doesn’t interest me as it does for other people. Therefore I don’t see the hype in going to it myself so I decide not to go. I have never attended a homecoming throughout my high school life because I don’t get that feeling that other people get. That feeling of excitement that people get when they talk about going to homecoming, I don’t get that feeling therefore I don’t understand why it’s so hyped up. Just because we are in high school a school dance is that much more fascinating? I really just don’t understand. Although this is my last high school homecoming I will not be attending because in my opinion, it’s not all that great.