A Senior’s Take on Homecoming

A Senior’s Take on Homecoming

Showayane Wallace

After three years of high school, your senior year is usually the one where you let loose and enjoy all the activities you might’ve missed out on before; one of those being homecoming. Over the years, many have chosen not to go to go and don’t feel the need to this year, while others have gone before or are choosing to go for the first time.


Regardless of how many times you’ve gone, homecoming is thought of as a coming home period for former students and a welcome for newer students. It is defined as “a celebration at school or college, usually including a dance and a football game, when people who were students there at an earlier time can return to visit” (dictionary.cambridge.org). It’s a right of passage for many people and a time to enjoy all that school has to offer.


For me, it seems both exciting and boring with writing giving me an excuse to put words on paper. They’re so many feelings that go along with it and watching the clock tick down, for both graduation and homecoming, is a nerve-wracking experience. The celebration can be something to look forward to. It’s something everyone can enjoy or ignore based on personal preference, and whether you choose to go or not, that’s probably what I like about it: The personal freedom of not only being able to enjoy yourself at the homecoming dance, or football game, but also getting a sense of the Homecoming spirit in the week leading up to it where we can dress down and participate in the school’s events after school. 


For many, it also feels like a means to an end, like a checkpoint where the sand in the hourglass is officially almost gone. All in all, it seems like something to look forward to where everyone kind of accepts it as step forward and a night of fun even if you choose not to go.