Homecoming – a Sophomore Perspective

Homecoming – Sophomore Year

A week full of fashionable outfits, school spirit, and good fun, Homecoming Week at Charles Herbert Flowers never fails to allow students—including myself—to express themselves. As a Sophomore who didn’t quite get to experience and see their Freshman Homecoming year fully(due to COVID-19 and the quarantine), it’s quite jarring to see the difference between last year and now. Students all get together to decorate the halls and add their own finishing touches to the building, while we Sophomores will also be able to experience our first Homecoming dance this Saturday.

2021-2022 Homecoming

Last year, rather than having a Homecoming week, the class of 2025 was welcomed into the school with Spirit Week. While it wasn’t disappointing, with the inclusion of COVID-19 protocols and mask mandates, it wasn’t nearly as open for students to express themselves as Homecoming Week.