Opinion on Uniform policy

Denay Thompson, Editor: Nia Silke Tabe

At Charles Herbert flowers, we have a strict uniform policy. I understand that we have to wear specific colored shirts and pants, but I am very confused about hoodies. Although, I understand the importance of safety I don’t believe hoodies should be our main focus. People believe hoodies ” obscure a part of a person’s face and identity making it harder to spot an intruder or to identify a student who has done something wrong”. But if that’s the case how about we never wear the hood part of the hoodie? I believe that is a better resolution than telling 100 students every day to not wear hoodies because it is very annoying and a waste of time. And I know for a fact students will oblige by these rules because we love our hoodies the comfort, the look, and the warmth. I’m pretty sure we don’t wear them maliciously it just seems to be that way because of the assumptions given.