Is Entrepreneurship for Everyone? (Opinion Piece)

Renee Cox

In my opinion, being a business owner is not something everyone can do. Whether it is selling clothes, cosmetology, running a facility, etc., not everyone has the skill set to be an entrepreneur. We will still need doctors, politicians, and so much more in the future. In this generation, it seems everyone is trying to start a business but they lack the correct motivation. I believe that you should actually like what you do for a living. Therefore, it gives you the motivation needed to get up and work every day. It will also show in your art (your product). For example, there are so many bad reviews about service providers because many of them are in the business to support their “luxury lifestyle.” This is the wrong reason to start a business. As an entrepreneur, I have had to learn that every day won’t be a good day. I think that’s what others who look from the outside think life is like for people like me. There are days when money is thin. There are days when there’s no money coming in. Everyone doesn’t have the mindset to keep them pushing throughout these slow seasons. Especially if their only motivation is money.