What’s up with Hoodies?

Ibrahim Kargbo

Recently, most students at Charles Herbert Flowers have familiarized themselves with a certain feeling; annoyance. We’ve all felt it whenever we’re stopped by a hall monitor or security guard and quickly are ushered to our locker. No matter how much we try to tuck in or hide, incompliance with the school protocol or dress code never escapes their sight. Hoodies, of course, are the topic of this article.

Dress Code Changes
This school year, while not riddled with COVID-19 protocols and other tedious rules, has also introduced students to the administrator’s new goal; to crack down on anything that isn’t “school uniform”. This is especially strange due to last year being very open to hoodies, sweaters, jackets, and things of such nature. The current dress code (for outerwear only) is as follows: “Gray, Green or Black HOODLESS sweaters, sweatshirts or jackets. Can not have any inappropriate language or designs. No hooded items will be allowed to be worn in the school.”

The strangest part to me is the gray, green, or black outerwear rule. It is the fall season, and not every student may have access to a jacket, especially with such selective colors as gray or green. Although black jackets may be easy to find, what about students that only have access to hoodies and other hooded outerwear? Well in addition to the other changes this year, the school store has also opened up and started selling outerwear.

School Store Outerwear
If a student doesn’t have access to the proper outerwear, they’ll quickly be directed to the school store in order to buy CHFHS outerwear. It’s quite odd to me that the school only just now decided to start selling school apparel in light of the new dress code and colder temperatures. In my opinion, hoodies should just be allowed so students don’t have to spend any extra money on something they’ll likely only wear to school in the first place (seriously, whose gonna wear CHFHS school apparel outside of school?). A school-only jacket shouldn’t be added to the list of necessities for the school year.

All in all, the new dress code doesn’t make all too much sense to me and has seemingly only banned non-school color outerwear in order to produce more money for the school. Administrators say it’s to distinguish us from any outsider who doesn’t attend the school, but anyone can just put on a green polo and black pants and say they attend the school. In my opinion, the administration should let students wear their hoodies or non-school color outerwear.