“Sleep Needs by Age Are Different—Here’s What Experts Recommend for the 9 Stages of Life for Optimum Energy”.

“Sleep Needs by Age Are Different—Heres What Experts Recommend for the 9 Stages of Life for Optimum Energy”.

Nia Silke Tabe, Writer, Editor


When you don’t get enough sleep no matter what age you are it can decrease your growth and mental stability. Therefore, this article is all about not being restless and getting up every day to be great or energetic even for your young ones today. It’s typically impossible for America and a problem for people to do so. Since then people are still reckless with their lives from day drinking to night drinking just to keep themselves up at work; that’s not healthy and cannot become a continuous habit. Also, it is an essential issue of our communities for us to ensure that we get at least 8-10 hours of sleep every day and any day no matter if you’re a toddler or an adult because adults tend to stay up and become a workaholic.

Teens tend to stress about school, and not getting enough time to do their homework and it’s tempting. A few examples are too much reading for teens, adoption,  a divorce, a breakup, a loss in the family, etc. It is very hard for teens or little children to unsee their parents’ marriage falling apart, the death of their favorite sibling, or even when babies watch their parents being depressed. I learned that it is very important to sleep because your health is essential and everybody has to naturally grow; maintain a safe life. Also, we’re not perfect and we can’t get everything done at once but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t sleep more. I learned that sleeping in America is a problem and I see children and homeless shelters on the streets every day once in a while trying to provide for their families or to maintain a healthy life. Overall I just feel like if you can make a living, ensure that your kids are getting nutrition and sleep as well as yourself or as a parent.