Balenciaga Campaign

Renee Cox

If you’re someone who keeps up with the internet, then I’m sure you may have heard or seen Balenciaga’s new Holiday Campaign. They released pictures of kids wearing their children’s clothing line while they held teddy bears that what many people believed to be BDSM-type outfits. Several customers were furious because it seemed as though they were sexualizing children. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spoke out regarding this campaign. Again, if you’re on social media then it isn’t a surprise to you that Kim serves as one of the faces of Balenciaga. She is always wearing their clothes on red carpets, and at many other events. She spoke out days after the campaign was released saying that she spoke to their team. She wanted to understand how this happened. She says they understand their wrongdoings and plan to not do it again. This upset some of her fans and other people on the internet. They felt as though she was speaking which is not her responsibility. However. a day before, Kanye West criticized celebrities for not speaking out about the campaign. He referred to them as controlled and said they are not influencers. There is so much controversy on the internet about these high-end designers.  Do you think designers like Balenciaga should be boycotted?