can mass shootings be linked to bullying

The other day I was reading about the Walmart shooting that happened took place in Chesapeake, Virginia. The shooter’s name was Andre Bing. He was the store’s supervisor and he fatally shot 6 of his coworkers and himself. He left a death note, which is a list of names of people he was planning on killing, sort of like the anime. He had marked his coworkers as the targets and ended up killing them. But, why would he do this? Apparently, the story is he was bullied and mocked by his coworkers and had enough.

When you look back, many of the mass shootings in the United States were caused by things related to bullying or abuse. Nobody just does a thing like that, just cause.

What he did was absolutely horrific. Like every tragedy, there a lesson can be learned from it. Hurt people hurt people. I not saying his coworkers deserved to die, or that what they did was their fault. You can’t deny it did certainly have a negative effect.

My condolences to the families of the victims. This is a very sensitive topic. We should all spread peace and love. Life is already too short to hate.