How to Prepare for Senior Year(As a Junior)

The most challenging year of high school will be your junior year. That statement is an opinion but it’s also something that has been proven to be true in the lives of many high school students. However, senior year definitely is not the easiest. The first two quarters of the year are critical. During, this time you will be applying for scholarships and colleges, and you may have an after-school job. You will also be required to keep up your grades. Therefore, junior year is the school year to prepare for this. Below are five things you can do as a junior to prepare for senior year:

  1. Write your Personal Statement essay: Most colleges require you to write and submit a personal statement essay. This can be challenging while trying to complete other assignments during senior year. However, to get ahead you can write it in eleventh grade.
  2. Become more involved in extracurriculars and clubs: Colleges love to see that a student is involved in their school and community. This also gives you the chance to make more friends and become even more acclimated with your school.
  3. Build relationships with your teachers and counselors: Show your teachers that you are serious about school so they can inform you about the dos and don’ts of your academic career.
  4. Narrow down your top 10 schools & go on college visits: This will help you in the research process. By the time you begin applying to schools, you should know all deadlines for programs, scholarships, etc. College visits are important because you are able to actually see your future school.
  5. Request classes that may assists in your future career: If you plan to major in business, you may request to take a marketing class during your senior year. These high school classes will give you a brief understanding of a certain career.