Great Christmas gift Ideas

Denay Thompson

Hello, Charles Herbert Flowers High school students,

Here are some great gift ideas to give to family, friends, or even significant others.

Think of something meaningful or even something that would make them laugh. When people get gifts, they want a feeling of excitement- like something they wouldn’t expect! Instead of buying something for themselves, they are being given a gift, usually something they didn’t have to ask for.

  • Masterclass Gift Card.
  • Pure Silk Pillowcase.
  • Photo Books from Artifact Uprising. 
  • Give the Gift of Travel. 
  • Candle
  • DIY kits
  • Gift an Experience.
  • clothes 
  • shoe
  • toys
  • spa reservation 

Or even gift them something thoughtful that was well, thought behind them. Thoughts about what brings joy to the recipient, what they want, and need, and what they didn’t know they couldn’t live without until it arrived at their doorstep.