League of Legends Insiders

Ja’an Shearard, Staff Writer

This week in the League of Legend Insiders includes information on new skins, balance changes, and the champion rotation and skin sales. The new skins announced this week are Elderwood Leblanc and Hextech Annie. Elderwood Leblanc is 1350 RP and Hextech Annie is only available to get through hextech crafting which is a system soon to be introduced to the live servers soon. There are several new balance changes for champions such as buffs for Pantheon, Renekton, Soraka, Urgot, and Vi.
The free champion rotation for this week includes Annie, Aatrox, Brand, Elise, Kog’maw, Lulu, Malphite, Morgana, Rumble, and Jhin. The champion and skin sale for this week includes Pool Party Graves, Scorched Earth Renekton, Royal Guard Fiora, and Tundra Fizz. As for the champions it is Syndra, Trundle, Corki, and Mundo.