Popular Adult Swim Cartoon Loses One of its Creators

Harris Ntembe

Rick and Morty (TV Series 2013– ) - IMDb

It is a sad time for Rick and Morty. The popular animated series was created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland and premiered in 2013. Everything about it is great, from the plotlines, voice acting animation, characters, and humor. Over the years it has developed a cult fanbase, and is by far the most successful show on adult swim, as well as one of the most successful modern cartoons.

However, there has recently been very bad news. One of the co-creators, Justin Roiland, who also voices the series’s protagonist, has been fired from the show. Adult Swim has also cut ties with him altogether. This all comes from allegations of abuse. Mr. Roiland was charged with domestic battery and false imprisonment in January of 2023. The incident took place in 2020, but just now became known to the public.

He was arrested and released on bail. His pre-trial is scheduled for April 2023. Since he was fired the situation has become worse as many have come for with other allegations about Justin Roiland. As a fan the show, this really sucks to see, but I can’t defend him. If proven guilty, he deserves whatever is coming to him.