Mental Health: Everything you Need to Know


Showayane Wallace

According to, “More than one-third of middle (37%) and high school (39%) students reported feeling sad or hopeless for at least two weeks or more within the past year.” As the years go by, understanding teenagers and the things they go through, such as their mental health, has become more of a priority. However, research in this area is still lacking due to the previous taboo of the subject. In the past, people with mental health issues weren’t encouraged to talk about their struggles in the same way they are now. This change, which is crucial to the development and support of many individuals with mental health issues, is also responsible for the rise in people beginning to seek help and educate themselves.

The demand for mental health services is stronger than ever with nearly six in 10 (56%) Americans seeking or wanting to seek mental health services either for themselves or for a loved one ( ). Though this, the cost, continuing social stigma, and lack of awareness leaves a lot to be desired. Additionally, along with a lack of research, there is also a limited availability of mental health education and awareness.

So what can you do to help when struggling?

According to various articles, and real life sources, one of the best things you can do to support a loved one is to simply offer your presence. This can mean being a shoulder to cry on or just being available to talk. When it comes to helping yourself, the best thing to do is welcome support, whether verbal or emotional.

What are some solutions to addressing the mental health crisis in teens?

Offering your support and talking to them about the situation.

Going to a therapist or trusting adult

Dialing 988

Getting enough sleep and exercise