The Evening of Excellence

By Jeffrey Onyeador , Staff Reporter

    The evening of March 8th exuded excellence. It was bright, it was packed, it was to-their-best-effort organized, and, that being said, it was also quite lengthy – going on from 6pm to 8pm. But the students didn’t mind, they were just there to flaunt themselves with their strikingly nice business casual attire (our generation definitely knows how to dress). Furthermore, the evening included the enriching presence of the gospel choir, a guest speaker, Judge Dawson, and the presenting of many awards to students, staff, and parents alike.
    If they held this award ceremony any other year, I would still declare it to be a night like no other: 119 students earned a GPA of a 4.0 or higher. Either grade inflation is real and prevalent or we have students, under this mecca of excellence, that just love to hustle harder. Another reason this night was so memorable was because many of the awards handed out to the wrong people. Such disorganization resulted in the flocking of students and papers around different tables like ants clustering around food crumbs. It was both uncomfortable and an unprecedented hassle.
    Evening of Excellence also lacked something integral to any award ceremony. Yes, people were recognized, students and adults alike, but the whole event was simply rushed, resulting recognition without any real recognition. Students were called out like number cards at Bingo night. Although Mr. Gorman Brown tried his best to exhibit great enthusiasm, there were simply so much students to be called and simply not enough time. However, don’t get me wrong, several students were individually recognized for their efforts, such as Angela chin, coca-cola semi finalist, and Kameryn Robinson, a high-achieving student-athlete, but for the hundreds of students who earned their GPAs and dressed all fancy and formal — to just be hastingly called out seems not right.
    The evening of excellence seemed to be a blip for the students, who most of the attendants were there for, instead a whole evening dedicated to their hard work.