Finally done!

Denay Thompson

This upcoming Friday is going to be my last day attending High school Am I scared? No. Am I happy? I hope so.

It’s more so a bittersweet feeling because I am so ready to be done. For the past couple of months, seniors had requirements that needed to be fulfilled such as Senior pictures, Senior dues, Fundraisers, Cap and gown, prom tickets, college/future plans, Chromebook return/book return, grades…all of these things cost us a lot mentally. We did it guys!!! This is a huge accomplishment; I need everyone to acknowledge it because it has been a long ride. But I can’t stress this enough make sure you return your Chromebook and books because you do not want to owe the school and you will not graduate. With that being said, bye all seniors, see you guys at graduation, and congratulations on all your accomplishments. The world is really your oyster!