College Readiness


Alanna Jackson-Brown

Charles Herbert Flowers High School is full of students who are intelligent and diligent in their studies. In a few short months, our senior class will be leaving us for college and another class will be replacing them but they will be sorely missed. A good thing is our seniors are receiving scholarships and offers from colleges all around. Most students will probably stay in state for college, not because it’s cheaper but because it’s an easier way to travel home and back. Depending on the college you wish to go to try to visit their campus and get a feel for it before making any rash decisions. Choose a college that can help you in your career or help reach a goal you have in mind.
When it comes to acceptance into college, many people who have their heart set on a specific institution¬†will apply before Early Admission deadlines. With Early Admission, if you’re accepted into the college you have applied to, withdrawing from the other colleges you have applied to is not required. When it comes to Rolling Admissions, you can apply within a large window of time, the only disadvantage being that during this time it can be very competitive with all the other applicants.
Make sure to have good grades. Good grades are a major key for getting into the school of your choice. SAT scores and ACT scores also play a role in college admissions, so aim for a high score. Sign up for many different clubs and activities to help out around your school and get all your community service hours in.
With all  of these together, good grades, great scores, and community service hours, you can strive for the college of your choice and hopefully join our seniors with offers for admission and scholarships.