Make a Difference

"Briana Dawson"

This is the email that was sent out to the Charles Herbert Flower’s student, about the rally.

Have you ever wondered, how you can make a difference in your community? Or have you ever wondered what is the best way to protest. Recently, there was an issue on whether or not students would have to pay 93 dollars for AP testing. Anuoluwapo Adepegba both created a petition and began to organize a rally. These things were emailed to all of the Charles Herbert Flowers students. Parents also helped with the protest by complaining about the sudden change; saying that students should have been made aware of the situation before they signed up for their AP classes. In the end, all of their efforts paid off. Prince George’s County posted on there website on October.13,2016; that the county “will continue the practice of covering AP Exam fees for all students.”