PSAT, Juniors Should Still Take It.

Jailon King

PSAT and SAT dates seem to be closing in on us.
Many juniors may be asking themselves if they should take it.
All 10th grade high school students are required to take the PSAT, it is also paid for by the state.
After 10th grade many teenagers may think they shouldn’t retake the PSAT, that isn’t necessarily true.
During your 11th grade year you are eligible for scholarships depending on your PSAT scores from that year. This is a big deal, especially since the cost for the test is only $15.
Luckily all Charles Herbert Flowers High School Science And Technology juniors will be taking the PSAT free of cost, thanks to the Science and Technology Coordinator Ms. Morton Wilson.
Take advantage of this opportunity, it could benefit you in the long run.