Flowers Featured In A Music Video

"Ashley Dawson and Briana Dawson"

On Sunday October 16, Flowers was featured in the Bureau of Land Management and Department of Interior Music Video.
Students arrived at Parkdale High School at 6:45am and were brought back at 6:00pm. There they were taken by bus to video shoot locations.
Jamilah Fraser the Director and her team selected students from 5 schools.
Out of 56 students , 6 students were chosen from Charles Herbert Flowers High School. The students were  Dantu Samura 12th grader,  Olivia Walker 12th grader, Sawieh Miller 12th grader, Ashley Dawson 11th grader, Briana Dawson 11th grader, and Kayla Earl 10th grader.
The students had to audition during A lunch on October 5th. The music video was created to raise awareness of the Anacostia watershed and the importance of sustainability.
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