Before the War of the Classes

Gabriell Mebane

The preparation for class night is fierce!
Each class is preparing for the battle, practicing at most three times a week.
Class of 2020 freshmen are very enthusiastic about class night but freshman, Kendall Andrews says “We were not organized. There was issues about sponsors, time management and freshman participation” so they will not participate this year.
Class of 2019 is ready for war and know they can win. Sophomores, Jaime Lions and Shamy A. Moore, both are dancers who are participating in class night.
Class of 2019 practiced every Tuesday from 2:45-4:30 and when asked the question “If their class didn’t win class night, who do they think would win?”. Both said 2017 would most likely win.
Student from the class of 2018, Jarod Mendoza-Tingem, said “We are well prepared and I think we will do well.”
Seniors, last of the 90’s knew no one could stop them because they “rule the school”. They were really confident in their dance.
The night was great with the juniors winning the dance and the seniors winning the overall night.