School Lunch Opinions

Jordan Rice

School Lunch, we all know what it is.  Some of us avoid it completely because of its bad reputation.  Other eat this ill-famed meal to put something in our stomachs.  Curious if this bad reputation still existed, I went out of my comfort zone to ask questions and opinions about this regular meal.  I decided to start with the majority of the school population, the student body.
  With 2121 recorded students in this school,  I knew I could get some answers and opinions easily from a simple anonymous and random rating of the school lunches from a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being god awful and 10 being gourmet status) and to state any comments about the lunch if they please.  From my surprise, out of the twenty kids who answered,  only nine rated the school lunch below 5  So with a little math incorporated, that would mean that only 954 students  would have rated the lunch under 5 which is about 44% of the student body  The most heard comment about the lunch throughout my fellow students was to add more variety in the school’s lunch menu.  This honestly astounded me because of all the rumours I heard about people’s lunches being terrible and undercooked wasn’t mentioned in people’s opinions.
  Next, I had decided to go to the source of the food, the cafeteria workers.  When I arrived at the caffettiera , I was greeted to the sounds of Drake playing in the background with the mix of laugher, pots, pans and other cooking utensils being used to make our meal for lunch.  From there, I had interviewed two cafeteria workers, Diane Able and Gwen Green.  My first question being the rating of the lunch food was assessed throughout the whole staff and answered with the answer with an agreed rating of 8.  The only comment that was stated throughout the workers in the back and my two interviewees was to add more variety.  Something that was brought to my attention was by Ms. Green.  “ These kids are blessed, they better be thankful for where god has brought them from because when they don’t have no food, then they’re gonna be wondering, “ Hey god? Where’s the food?”  he might not send it to them, so be thankful for what they got”.  Ms. Stacy  had added on “ Our manager (Sarah Mayshack) and all of us puts our heart and love into our food, we really care”.  So after all of the questions and bonds made, the questions still remains, “ Is the school lunch bad to the people’s opinion?”.
  From the opinions I had gathered, I think that the social status of school lunch has changed overall.  Besides the only complaint being of the menu having no variety, everything else was positive.  The real concern I see is how students a wasting an opportunity for a good meal with food fights.