Lunch Frustrations


Riauna Moore

img_0355The lunches are way too overcrowded.
Many students complain about the space and the inconvenience it causes. There is little to no space in the cafeteria for all the students that attend lunch.
It is very inconvenient for students to stand in long lines or stand up to eat. Many students feel uncomfortable with the amount of students in the cafeteria.
When many students buy lunch, they do not have enough time to eat =-[ it after the long wait.
“Lunch is way overcrowded.” -Monet Boyd (11th grade)
“I hate the smell, it is dirty, and there is never anywhere to sit.” – Jailyn Ball (11th grade)
“It is very overcrowded and the food is not all that good.”-Makenna Dalcour(11th grade).
It is also frustrating for me because I barely have time to eat after I stand in the long lines. When I finally get my food, it is time to go and sometimes I have to rush to eat or I will be late to class.
Many students think that there should be an extra lunch, so should there?