Honor classes Weighed Now and for Previous Years

Ashley Dawson

Let’s get our honor classes weighed.
Students at Duval High School, Bowie High School, Charles Herbert Flowers High School, Oxon Hill High School, and more received the email at the top to sign a petition. This petition would allow honor classes to be weighed for previous years. The email was sent from adilia-espinozajones@pgcps.org on October 21.
Once the student clicks on the petition they are informed that honor classes will be weighed for this year, but what about the previous year students worked hard. The transcripts of 10th and 11th graders would be “skewed” since honor classes would be weighed one year and not the other. Honor classes are challenging and more time consuming than regular classes.
The petition is addressed to Dr. Maxwell Prince George’s County Board of Education. The goal is to get 800 signatures. This will benefit all students taking honor classes.