Go Get Some Scholarships!!!

Stacey Davies

Hey freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, it’s never too late to start applying for scholarships for college. This is especially directed towards seniors.
College can be very expensive, especially when going out of state.  There are scholarships out there for everybody.  Whether you are a minority, left-handed,  gay, transgender, shorter than 4’11, taller than 6’2, have a g.p.a of at least 3.0, family in the military, or planning to do a specific major, there is a scholarship for you!
Scholarships come in various amounts, ranging from at least $100 to around $100,000.
Scholarships may require you to write a simple essay, poem, make a video, or post something on social media. While other scholarships may ask you to draw something, come up with an idea ,or create something pertaining to a certain issue/topic.
Finding scholarships fit for you may be difficult but there are three websites that can help. These websites are unigo.com, scholarships.com, and fastwebs.com.
First, you have to create an account. Next, you take a simple survey on your abilities, academics, and background.
Before you submit a scholarship entree have at least three people look at it and critique it. This will increase your chances of receiving the scholarship.
Submit only your best work to have a good chance of winning. The more scholarships you apply to, the more money you have a chance of getting for your college education.
So freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and especially seniors, start applying for scholarships.