Mommy I Gotta PP

Chris Thomas

Mommy i gotta pp
Puff. puff.
Pass me your ignorance.
Pass me your “cure” for loon world intolerance.
Your half brained intelligence.
Puff. puff.
Pass me your dreams.
Pass me your hard work and wipe yourself clean.
Your “reason for being”.
Puff. puff.
Pass me your cruelty.
Pass me your cloud mind, heavy hand brutality.
Pass me your felonies.
Pass me your brokenness,
your love,
your troubles,
your pity,
your numbness.
Mommy i gotta pp,
I got to so bad it hurts.
Mommy you gotta pp,
Or you won’t be ok.
So let’s roll up our wants in a man,
Our plans for the future house,
How much money we have and burn it.
Put our feet up,
Watching the ash flakes ascend into the high heavens or space to those.
Ashes to ashes
And dust to dust.
Smoke your cigarette
And put down the gun.